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The Shapes of Custom Rigid Boxes

A rigid box is a container with walls made of corrugated fiberboard, which protects the items inside. The shape of these boxes can vary greatly depending on what they are used for and how they will be transported. Some conditions include square, rectangular, triangular, round, and hexagonal. The rigid boxes wholesale manufactured by the company is made to order. They can be customized with different shapes and sizes so that they perfectly fit your items.

  1. Square boxes are a popular choice for shipping heavy items.

They can be stacked on top of each other to save space, and they have rigid walls that provide excellent protection from any bumps or bruises during transportation.The corners make it easy to add labels, making them great for warehouse storage purposes as well.

  1. Rectangular boxes are very similar to square ones, but they tend to be more flexible.

As a result, these types of corrugated containers can handle products that have rougher surfaces or might be heavier than usual.

Rectangular shapes also help prevent items from shifting around too much while in transit, and the flat bottom makes it easy for this type of box to stand up on its own without support.

  1. Triangular boxes are a popular choice for shipping lighter items that need to be seen by the customer.

These shapes can look fantastic when decorated or printed with your company logo, and they tend not to hold up very well against wear and tear if they contain rough surfaces because of their sharp corners. Triangles also allow you to show off any engravings or add other details on three sides, making them perfect for creative packaging.

  1. Round boxes are the perfect choice if you want to stand out from your competitors. 

These shapes can be printed beautifully with company logos or other designs, and they tend not to hold up well against wear and tear, so it’s best to use these for items that aren’t too heavy or rough in texture on the surface.

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